Compare Ansarada vs. iDeals

When choosing between different types of virtual data rooms, there are several factors to consider including security, ease of use, cost, and privacy. But don’t worry! Here’s a comparison of some of the top choices for virtual data rooms.

What makes Ansarada different from iDealSolutions?

After looking into the virtual data rooms industry for several years, Andrew, Sam, Rachael, and Daphan decided to create their own company called AnsaraDada (Ansarada). They set out to do something dramatically different from anything else available at the time. Their mission was to help any company looking at an acquisition deal succeed by making their lives easier.

iDeals Solutions:They are an international company with teams of highly skilled professionals working from our headquarters in New York City, London, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, etc. They’re mainly concerned with setting up their company’s board of directors, who are responsible for making decisions regarding their main business.iDeals Solutions is a leading provider of cloud-based business management software for the retail and consumer packaged goods industries. The company’s flagship product, RetailerIQ™, helps retailers manage their operations more efficiently through real-time visibility into inventory, sales performance, and customer service.

Which software includes more/better features?

It’s just as important for any business software solution to be able to handle multiple functions well as it is to focus solely on one function. It must be able to support the processes, workflows, reporting, and needs that matter to the teams using it. In the comparison, Ansara vs. iDeal’s Virtual Data Room offers an easy way for companies to import and export their data. It has basic reports available online, so they don’t need any technical expertise to use them. And its customer support team is ready to help if needed.

Ansarada Pros & Cons


  • It was nice having options for creating different types of access levels within each group. The help desk was always very efficient at answering questions quickly.
  • It was easy to use. Many clients don’t know anything about data rooms, so we want them to feel at ease when they use one for their business.


  • Some initial trouble opening documents created.
  • A user is unable to tell whether the user’s previous use has been fully billed yet.

iDeals Pros & Cons


  • It’s easy for people to use and offers an excellent search function which makes it easier than ever before.
  • It was easy enough for me to understand even if I wasn’t technically inclined. Responses were quick and the notifications were helpful.


  • Lack of support for file type limitations and the inability to administer groups by individual users.
  • The inability to duplicate files across different directories.

Which one costs less? Which one is better for business deals – Ansarada or iDeal?

TCO refers to both the upfront costs associated with purchasing VDRs and ongoing expenses for managing them. These include licensing fees, subscriptions, customization charges, hardware requirements, installation/upgrade fees, technical support, etc.

Ansarada’s price starts at $999 per year, which is lower than the average cost of Virtual Data Rooms software. iDeals Virtual Data Room price starts at $175 per month, when comparing iDeals Virtual Data Room to their competitors, the software is rated 6 – similar to the average Virtual Data Rooms software cost. iDeal has a Virtual Data Room which costs more than AnsaraData’s. iDeal’s Virtual Data Room costs more than Ansarada.