Best Data Room Providers 2022

With the rise of cloud storage services, companies now use these tools for storing sensitive documents online. A data room eliminates any barriers between time, place, or location by bringing people together at one time.

7 Best Virtual Data Room Providers

When choosing between different virtual data rooms, finding the right one for your business can seem daunting. Fortunately, there isn’t any need to spend hours looking for the perfect data storage service.


IDeals is an easy-to-use online document storage service that makes it simple to store and share sensitive files securely. These VDRs give you an easy-to-access user interface so they’re better suited for beginners who want to edit videos than traditional video editors. It works in every browser and device without requiring any special plugins. Can open up to 25 different document formats including PDFs, Word documents, image files, etc. Their data centers meet international standards for security and reliability. They’re audited by an independent auditor every year.


Firmex is the most trusted VDR service that makes working easier for its clients by providing an intuitive user experience. Every year, firms using Firmex open thousands of data rooms. It offers lots of useful features for safeguarding your important files and data. They’re always there for you when you need them most.


IntraLinks is the world’s leading VDR that helps accelerate your large-scale deals with ease and at an accelerated rate. It uses an automatic system to perform the operation correctly without human intervention. Rich in features and providing 24/7 customer service. The customer service department at Intralinks is staffed by actual people who care about their clients’ needs. Automated processes allow for streamlined execution without unnecessary delays or distractions.


SecureDocs is one of the most affordable video distribution solutions available today. It takes just 10 minutes to set up and costs under $10/month. Its starting price is $250/Month which includes unlimited users and unlimited documents. It has an advanced security system that ensures that comes first.


EthosData offers easy and safe virtual data room services so you can complete your business deals easily. There isn’t anything for you to fill out; everything is handled automatically by the company. Keeps the information confidential. It allows you to quickly assign an expert to help you out when needed.


A secure and easy-to-use Virtual Data Room called Dealroom keeps your confidential information and documents safe. Documents can be saved, shared, and worked on easily. Anyone who has access to files can modify them. You can even change permission settings from anywhere at any time. Analytics help companies understand their audience better by providing them with easy-to-interpret.


DocSend is a new kind of virtual data room software that makes document sharing easy for everyone. You can share multiple files simultaneously by uploading them to a single folder. It lets you block specific individuals from watching your videos. You may wish to add extra protection by enabling password security for your VDR. You can customize your video players by adding custom logos and banners for different channels. There’s nothing special you need to install to allow people to view your video online. You can see them right away by using any device connected to the internet.